Thursday, March 7, 2013

Mass Effect 3: Citadel - The Biased Review

I loved it. There, those of you who were just wondering what I thought of it, but didn't want to read the breakdown, now you have it. For those of you who want the more detailed breakdown, carry on!

"You fell through a fish tank? How does that even happen?"
Citadel is labelled as the last DLC in the "Commander Shepard" Trilogy. I was still expecting alternate appearnace pack II, myself, but whatever. In it, a shady mercenary force hired by a mysterious figure seek to kill Commander Shepard for their own nefarious agenda. Intense action and wacky hijinx ensue.

  • New weapons. While you do not get to keep the Geth Spitfire as an assault rifle :(, you do get to keep the suppressor and M7 Lancer. I like the Suppressor...a lot.
  • New play styles. There is actually a mission where you can use the Suppressor to do a stealth run. I played as an infiltrator, and it was the first time I ever felt like I was able to use the cloak for its intended purpose. None of them Cat6 guys saw me coming!
  • Liara. Liara is my favorite character in Mass Effect, edging out my main man Garrus, but aside from some cute extra lines in Leviathan, not much has been done for her in the ME3 DLCs. Well that changes here. In addition to commenting on your clothes, and your choices, bringing her along on the second main mission (infiltrating the casino) gives you the option of having her distract guards. Liara's ineptitude at flirting with guards is more fun than the mission itself!
  • Wrex! I was never as big a Wrex fan as many, but it is fun to have him back, even if only for a little while. He also has a great line, if you are a paragon : "In the old days we would have just shot her. Good times."
  • The party. The last bit of the DLC pertains to throwing a party for all the surviving gang from the previous titles. There are some amusing interactions. Plus fans of Drunk Tali will be happy to see her return. Also, the debut of Drunk Liara! I know this takes place before the ending, but is it so wrong that I pretended this happened after? I'm sure a lot of people did.
  • Humor. From the aforementioned Drunk Liara, to making fun of 'I should go,' the ME team makes a lot of jokes about the series, the community, and themselves. It's an awful lot of fun.
  • Size: This is a big DLC, and it takes a long time to download. The new DLC downloader feature, unlike in ME2, seems to not let you download while you play, so be prepared for a nice long sit when you get this. The two parts took about 3 hours total on my setup.
  • Corny. Didn't bother me, but some of the parts were pretty cheesy. This might bother some folks. I listed it in the 'Pros' but a lot of the humor breaks the fourth wall, and some rpg-ers who are real big on immersion might be irritated by that.
  • Confusing locales. Sometimes where you are supposed to be going is not real clear. Primarily I was bothered by this in the archives (where they give you an objective marker, but not waypoints), and looking for the bar in the casino before the party.
  • That Hot Tub! There is a bubbling hot tub in the apartment's top floor, and as yet I have not found a way to make use of it. Why put it there if there's no option to use it? If someone knows how, let me know!
  • No Shiala! I was sort of background hoping for Shiala or Parasini to make an appearance. Sha'ira does, be not these two, as best I can tell.
In any event, it's a pretty sweet DLC. It's not the ending or epilogue, as many people were hoping, but it is still a nice goodbye. If you were on the fence about this one, it's got my vote, for what it's worth.

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