Friday, March 22, 2013

Painting With Paint - Dat Jedi

So, being as how the blog is named after a Star Wars character, I try to have a little Star Wars related material on here now and again. Today, let's look at a cool character from "The Old Republic," Bioware's largely unsuccessful MMORPG. I refer, of course, to Satele Shan.

My knowledge of The Old Republic is pretty sparse, but I did play KotOR, which is this character's genesis, as she is descended from Bastila Shan and Darth Revan. That, right off the bat, makes her in the top three coolest Expanded Universe characters, after Revan himself and maybe Canderous Ordo.

The image I chose for Satele is the first frontal view of her as she appears in the 'Hope' trailer, as it encapsulates her character pretty nicely. Determined. Unflappable. Resolute could be a nice way to describe Satele. I had thought to use an action shot from her subsequent fight with the random Sith knights or Darth Malgus, as I tend to do too much portraiture from my own (static) captures, but this image really stands out for me.

Also, I did this with the Big Angry Brush, for no reason other than stress relief. Not really having a bad week, but busy. I did two versions, one with the Angry Brush, and the other with my regular small brush that I use a lot lately, and I did prefer the angry version. Remember to click to see bigger.

This is an off schedule post, just because I felt like it. I should be back to regular soon here. I had two possible routes to go from here with PWP. I had planned originally to do more characters from Dragon Age in the next few weeks, but now I kind of have an interest in doing characters from 'The Old Republic.' Let me know what you would prefer!

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