Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Painting With Paint - Dat Tomb Raider

I have sort of a checkered past with Lara Croft. A love hate relationship. A frenemy. Whatever your favorite saying, I've got it with her. See, I hated the idea of the original games. It smacked of an Indy ripoff, for one thing. And if there's something I cannot abide, it's a poorly executed Indy ripoff. Furthermore, as an archaeology major myself back then, I took a pretty dim view on 'raiding' such things as tombs. Then you have Lara herself...an olympic level shooter, rider, everything-er who's also fabulously wealthy and wears a G-cup? With an accent to boot? Just too much for this cynical gamer. The movies didn't help anything either.

Lara Croft. Much less annoying this way.

The problem is, I sort of liked the games.

Then along comes the reboot. Here we see a Lara that's not infallible. She makes questionable decisions, gets lost, gets hurt, gets hungry. While she's pretty enough, she's not the chrome girl from a truck driver's  mudflap. A much more sympathetic character, as far as I'm concerned.

Why does every game seem to have a bow in it now though? Farcry, this, Crysis. Seriously...Crysis? while I can sort of live with the idea of a bow in a survival situation, a power armored cyborg should have better tools for the job. "But it's quiet!" you say. Honestly, I've fired bows and suppressed pistols. The pistols are typically quieter. And they're you know, not a four foot long bow! Bows are seriously inconvenient to carry around! Always getting snagged on stuff...

Boy, I really got sidetracked by this bow thing, huh? All this to say that this is one game where the bow doesn't annoy me as much as some other games.

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