Sunday, March 31, 2013

Painting With Paint - Imperial Girls Are...Complicated

Hey all, Counterfett here. This is the second part in my voyage through 'The Old Republic.' In the first installment, we looked at main NPC romance options for the four Republic classes. The Imperial side actually has more options, and, in my opinion, they are more varied. Additionally, the Imperial ladies get the real heavy hitter voice acting.

"Just tell me everything's going to be alright, and I'll believe you."
Ashara Zavros is a Togruta Jedi Padawan lured into betraying her masters by a Sith Inquisitor. She is idealistic, but overconfident in her own power. She is complicated to interact with, as she responds better to lightside decisions. She is moody, often childish, and sometimes wants to work at cross purposes with the player. Ashara is voiced by Azura Skye.

"This is almost too sweet, let's get back to work before the galaxy thinks we've gone soft."
Jaesa Willsaam is a Sith apprentice. Only a romance option if the Sith Warrior chooses the dark path, Jaesa is one of the least comlicated Imperial options. She really just wants you to be bad and to teach her to be bad too. Jaesa is voiced by Rachel Leigh Cook.

"You smell like sweat and plasma burns...I like it."
Kaliyo Djannis is a Rattataki mercenary, enforcer, assassin, and anarchist who joins an Imperial Agent character. She wants to be pursued consistently, wants you to help her kill her enemies, but not take her freedom or be upset when she cheats on you. On the flip side, she is peculiarly loyal about fighting for you. Eventually she demands you get her a ring, as she wants no one else, and needs something to wave in the face of guys who come on to her in bars. Like the title says...complicated. Voiced by Tasia Valenza.

"How can I argue with that? You're like some kind of romantic genius."
Mako is a cyborg that joins a Bounty Hunter. Created along with several sisters by a Republic Intelligence project gone ironically astray, she wants the bounty hunter to be decisive, merciless, merciful (irony intended), defend the weak, defeat the strong, and do it all with a smile. She wants there to be a distinction between her bounty hunter friend and the common assassins they run across all too often. Voiced by Lacey Chabert.

"I've been involved with plenty of the wrong men, but going in, there was always the chance they'd work out."
Ensign Temple is sort of the Imperial version of Elara Dorn. Loyal to the Empire, she likes efficiency, fairness, and honesty. She is something of a legacy in Imperial Intelligence, and likes the Imperial Agent to give her opportunities to improve her skill set. She is voiced by Georgia Van Cuylenburg

"Chirp, Chirp, Chirp [Shock Collar Activates] Ow! Jerk! If you don't like that just say so. I can do other animals too - Dire cat, frog dog, kowakian monkey lizard."
Vette (real name Ce'Na) is a Twilek slave-turned-thief-turned-pirate-turned-treasure hunter-turned-slave again who accompanies a Sith Warrior character. Perhaps the lightest of the light side romance options, which is ironic given that she is available to the Sith Warrior (possibly the easiest to play as Dark Side).

"What? Well, of course! Me and my buddy the Sith...nobody's going to pick on me at school."
Vette wants the Sith warrior to be merciful, not use her shock collar, free her family, protect the weak, not sleep around (even before she's interested), and in general try to be as helpful and peaceful as possible, given the violence surrounding them. She also strongly believes in not having sex until marriage...really...could I make this up?

"I love you. I love you. Still weird."
Vette is not particularly good looking, but is my favorite romance option in SW: TOR because she's funny, and also since she is so out of left field from what you thought you were going to play as when you created a Sith Warrior character. Also, it might be part of the blue girl thing, though it's hard to say. Vette is voiced by Catherine Taber

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