Thursday, March 28, 2013

Painting With Paint - Republic Girls Are Easy

That sounds worse than I meant, but whatever. In Star Wars - The Old Republic, each 'class' has a separate story and group of characters, unlike other Bioware titles. The cost for this replayability is less impact on the individual stories; you have less choice freedom when it comes to resolving problems, and in who your character gets to 'romance.' Unless you play a smuggler, of course, but that's a topic for another post...

I'll be looking at romance options for a Male character. It's unfair, but because I'm a dude, women are more fun to paint, and since far fewer of the ladies are as 'open minded' as in other Bioware titles (darn you LucasArts!), it's just the way it is.

"At least we have each allies I mean"
We'll look at Nadia Grell first, because I like her least. Not that she's bad. She's just a little boring. An ambassador's daughter who becomes padawan to a Jedi Consular character, she responds well to the light side, mercy, compassion and understanding. Like I said, easy. Her personality is slightly too bubbly for as much as she's around, but she's far less annoying than the Jedi Consular himself.

"Oh, Really? You left that part out of the story...lovebug."
Risha Drayen. I don't really like Risha, though it can be argued that she's a decent match for what a scumsucker the smuggler character is. Mostly, I just don't trust her. Even knowing the story through to the end, and realizing that ultimately she doesn't betray you...she's shifty.

"Some experiences are downright explosive...if you do them right."
 I tried really hard not to like Kira Carsen. But she's actually pretty cool. While I initially saw her as a sort of "Ashley Williams with a lightsaber," she developed into an interesting character and a fun romance option. Any girl who seriously contemplates how to use the force to make kissing better is ok in my book. Plus she has a cute little facial scar. Not sure exactly why I dig that.

"Form 3578 K officially authorizes us to pursue a mutual romantic relationship. I was hoping we could sign it together."
Elara Dorne is awesome. A Imperial Defector who likes integrity, bravery, paperwork, and legal terminology, she digs you as long as you don't regularly leave her on planets as you head to orbit. She might be the best looking of the 'full' romance options for the republic side, and she has a pretty accent. I'm such a sucker for quality voice acting. She even makes it worth not playing FemTrooper (voiced by Jennifer Hale)

There is a fifth full romance option: Akaavi Spar, but I forgot to paint her.As she is a Zabrak (think horns and facial tattoos) she's sort of an acquired taste anyhow. To make it up to you, though, I did make a bonus for this installment:

"I should go..."
More Satele Shan. In the game she is voiced by the peerless Jennifer Hale (Commander Shepard, Bastila Shan, Milllions of other game & cartoon voices). Not a romance option, thought there are humorous flirt attempts. Still in the top few coolest Star Wars characters.


Anonymous said...

Elara reminded me a bit of Rachel Weisz' character in "The Mummy", the accent/good looks/nice person combination worked for me in both cases.

CounterFett said...

Yeah. I hadn't thought of that, but it's a pretty accurate comparison.