Saturday, March 30, 2013

Toys For Wargaming: Zerboz Mini Soldiers

So, I had been thinking about picking up a few of these little soldiers that come single packed in little blind boxes from Wal-Mart for a while. I grabbed 4 so I could have a representative sample size, and got no repeats, a nice change from other blind packed experiences.

They stand about 1 inch tall to the middle of the helmet, which makes them 'true' 25mm scale. Each comes packed with a piece of cover or terrain, and the packaging doubles as a city rubble themed diorama background.

I was thinking of using these to solo play some modern or near future small scale skirmish. I see a lot of people running games of 'Very British Civil War' or modern low intensity type wargaming in fictitious European or African nations, and wanted to come up with something similar myself. I'm actually kicking a few ideas around in my head for border skirmish scenarios in an alternate reality USA. Kind of weird, but it's what's been in my head, and not something I've seen elsewhere.

Push comes to shove, I suppose I can use them to fight zombies. More of these later.

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