Sunday, April 28, 2013

A Boy And His AT-AT. Star Wars Angry Birds Battle Game

So, I have been keeping my eye on this ever since it hit stores, because I love me some Imperial Walkers. Yeah...The Empire Strikes Back was my favorite movie as a kid. The VHS version we had eventually wore out because I would watch the Hoth battle, rewind and watch again repeatedly. As per usual, the pics can be enlarged.

But it was just more than I was willing to spend. Especially considering it's 'Angry Birds' Star Wars rather than just Star Wars. But then I saw it yesterday at WalMart on clearance for $7. That's about my level of buy in for this type of thing. So we got two. One for me, one for the boy. He already opened his and started playing. I have to say I am quite pleasantly surprised with how cool this is.

It might start playing a role in some miniature games / Gaming with LEGO. It's big enough to function as terrain. Have to see about that.

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