Friday, April 19, 2013

LEGO SWTOR: A Series Of Unfortunate Lightsabers...

Well. I robbed yet another grave to get a legendary lightsaber from the tomb of Darth Whocares. Seriously, how are there any artifacts left on Korriban? Everyone has looted these same graves over and over again (Revan, Meetra Sulik, now Tankbot?). Maybe it's like an easter egg hunt, more for the kids? Do the Sith Overseers periodically restock the 'forbidden tombs' with war blades and lightsabers?

More to the point, why did this Darth from the epic tales have such a poopy lightsaber? After struggling through weapon envy with my silly training saber and war blade, I was really looking forward to a lightsaber, and this one sucks. What's even worse is the next one I got was too.

What's a Juggernaut got to do to get a decent weapon?

In any event, Lord Tankbot has become an Apprentice to Darth Baras at this point, and is no longer a no status supplicant. More importantly, we have our first (and most important!) sidekick...Vette! I have not made a LEGO version of her yet, since I have not decided how I want to, but never fear, it will happen.

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