Saturday, April 27, 2013

LEGO SWTOR: That's 'Lord' Lord Tank-Bot To You!

"By the power of Tech-Blade!"
Hey all, Counterfett here. So the big news is on the video game front is that last night I finally got Lord Tank-Bot past the end of Act I. So he is not an apprentice anymore, but a Lord in service to the peerless Darth Baras (I like Baras better than Zash, he makes me laugh in his tacit approval of dirty tricks and skullduggery).

Also, I upgraded Tank-Bot's gear to some extent, he got a new chest piece with cape, and I got lucky in a cartel pack purchase and got him a tech-blade! I wish I could get lucky with getting him armor instead of just weapons, but I guess being a juggernaut makes up for that deficiency a bit, I guess.

The most important thing about being through act one is that it unlocks Lord Tank-Bot's Legacy, so I can begin other characters with the races I've unlocked through the cartel store, and have more options available to them earlier in the game than my poor neglected Cyborg. It gives Tank-Bot a sort of inherent nobility to realize that all his efforts have been towards giving his adopted children all the cool gear he couldn't have as a a Sith acolyte.

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