Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Mass Effect 4

What would I do for Mass effect 4?

I'm writing this as a sort of response to Gotthammer's very well thought out evaluation and argument for what Mass Effect 4 should be. I admit that what I would like to see in Mass effect 4 is something I have thought a great deal about. My perspective is likely not as well thought out as Gotthammer's nor will I describe my vision for it as much. I will even admit that my idea is likely not even as intriguing as Gotthammer's. That said, I think something like min might be the more likely outcome.

That said, when you read Gotthammer describe it, I think I might like that vision better.

Oh, right, what I think Mass Effect 4 will be. Two words: Skyllian. Blitz. We've already been told that the Commander Shepard Trilogy is over, but that doesn't mean that Shepard and his/her story will have no part of the future of the universe. Think Halo Reach. Arguably the best game in the Halo Franchise, it takes place prior to Master Chief's 'main' story, and has tragic consequences for the antagonists, with flashes of exposition for that 'main' story. Even little cameos for some of the major players.

Perhaps your character is a member of Lieutenant Shepard's squad. You could lead a fireteam against the Batarians on various missions which detail a hugely important event in the story, which has been largely unexplored. Mass Effect savegames would determine the outcomes of the story, as well as key plot points based on which character origins you picked for Shepard.

Just a very cursory examination of the Shepard Backstory lends itself to three major endings or plot courses.
  1. Sole Survivor. Splitting away from the main battlefront, your fireteam discovers something sinister on an out of the way world called Akuze, and calls in the rest of the squad for support, only to be ambushed and fight a losing battle against a monstrous foe...
  2. War Hero. It all boils down to Elysium. The Batarians have hit the best world Humanity has in the Traverse, and Alliance Command says there's no falling back from here...
  3. Ruthless. You're hitting Torfan, and scuttlebutt says something really important is there. Something that can change the course of the war. The LT sure has a funny look in his eye...
Anywho, that's what I think about Mass Effect 4. It's still early days, so I guess we'll see when we see, but it's fun to think about.


Anonymous said...

Why Not a turian Point of view of the First Compact War?

CounterFett said...

I actually considered the first contact war. I would not like to see that for a few reasons.

First, the First contact war was very short...the Citadel Council interceded as soon as they found out what was going on with the Turians.

Secondly, it's not actually very influential on the subsequent events of the universe in the way that the Blitz was. Sure, Anderson and Hackett were involved, but nothing that really shaped the universe or the story.

Gotthammer said...

Interesting idea! I think that period is a very high possibility, though I am reticent as involving Shepard could annoy a few people: "that's not what Shep would do!" etc.
Also it would be much more action-with-cutscenes (like Halo), than ME 1-3 RPG. Whilst not a bad thing, I think launching ME4 in that way won't be something they'll do to avoid the ire of the hard-core RPG crowd (*cough cough* ;p ). I mean how are you meant to romance anyone during the Blitz?! :D

I'd love to see it though, as a Halo: Reach or ODST game parallel to the main ME4. A Paragon Lost style game where you have your squad and a few time-jumps (including the Blitz and maybe even an intro at Shanxi) could work with lots of RPG elements maybe?
Mind you if I had to put money down the Blitz is what I'd bet on seeing - it just features too heavily in the lore and has lots of combat (gameplay) guaranteed.