Monday, April 29, 2013

Minifig Monday: Batman And Catwoman

 Yeah, so another thing I bought randomly due to WalMart clearance sales was the Batman and Catwoman motorcycle chase set. I had wanted to get this for a while because, despite not being a huge comic guy, I do like Catwoman.

Additionally, female LEGO bodies are stupidly difficult to come by, and since I always can use more for whatever LEGO video game project I am working on, I figured the cat suit might come in handy.

I didn't realize it at the time, since the box art only shows her with her ears on, but the Selena Kyle face is double sided, and adorably mischievous.


Gotthammer said...

Didn't know Catwoman was unmaskable, thanks for the tip!

As a strange aside to your Angry Birds post yesterday, I was watching old Dr Who and just couldn't place the damn villain.
He looked and sounded so familiar until I IMDB'd him and it was none other than General Veers! Not his finest role...

CounterFett said...

Yeah, his best role, I think, was Donovan in Indiana Jones & The Last Crusade. Such an endearing villain.

Gotthammer said...

A man with three distinct Lego incarnations (also voice acted in Harry Potter)! Wonder if that's a record?

CounterFett said...

It might be. I can think of lots of 2-timers;
Cristpher Lee (Saruman, Dooku)
Ian (Gandalf, Magneto)
Harrison Ford (Han, Indy)

Funny the record is for someone so obscure. I'm just happy that Jennifer Hale managed one!