Monday, April 1, 2013

Minifig Monday - Strength Of The Republic

I've wanted to get the Lego Star Wars set that included these guys ever since it first hit stores, but I wanted to wait until it went on sale. I finally broke down and just got it, because I was desperate to get some of these guys (and the sith soldiers, but that's another post!).

I've referenced the fact that I like playing the Sith side better in The Old Republic, but the trooper class is one exception. Between FemTrooper voiced by Jennifer Hale and Timothy Omundson voicing Aric Jorgen, it's a masterfully acted ensemble. Ooh, and don't get me started on Elara Dorne! But, the point is, I really dig the Trooper storyline, which is why I wanted to get these little guys. I really like that they made the heavy weapon, which is one of the trooper's best virtues, look suitable menacing.

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