Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Painting With Paint: Counterfett Tries To Learn Kawaii

This Kawaii version of Commander Shepard was my first attempt. I drew him free-hand at work, then colored him and 'inked' him with MS Paint. Nothing miraculous, but decent enough for a first go in an unfamiliar style.
Hey all, Counterfett here. I thought I would try something different for this installment of Painting with Paint. I am trying to teach myself to draw more artistically. See, I drew a lot when I was younger, and while I was never very good, I was moderately talented, and creative. I even had a great deal of training (I'm the only person I know who took college courses under the age of ten). As I got older, I spent less time drawing, and what drawing I did became more rote and technical. Then one day, I realized I couldn't draw anything new anymore! I could still draw things I had drawn previously, comic characters I invented, snowmen, gnomes, that sort of thing, but nothing new. Even most of my 'Painting With Paint' falls into this category. It's like tracing or inking, very technical, but not creative.

Being me, the next thing I tried was Liara T'soni. I think this came out a little better. Though those freckles still are causing me trouble. This is based on her pose from the character select screen from ME1.
I got a book about Kawaii, which is sort of super-stylized versions of Chibi. It's very interesting. They look simple and easy, butt hey are actually very rule bound and regimented. Sort of like the art version of Haiku. With my skills and limitations in this regard being what they are, I thought this might be a good place to start on the road to being a genuine artist again.

If you can find it, I highly recommend this book. You'll feel silly walking around with it, but it is totally worth it!
This is the book I have been working from. I got lucky in that it really does seem to be exactly what I needed for this experiment. Funny, easy to read and pick up whenever, but technically explicit and detailed. I recommend it if you are interested in the genre or, like me, were artistically trained when you were younger but 'lost your groove' at some point.


Gotthammer said...

Oh Counterfett-san, chibi Shepard-Sama & Liara-chan are so kawaii!!! ^_^ :3



CounterFett said...


You like those, just wait until you see Kawaii Tank-bot & Garrus