Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Painting With Paint - Dat Onyx Guard

Well, you all might have figured out that after the Scoundrel Post, I needed a little break from "The Old Republic." So what better for a little break than another stop on the Ally Hillis voice resume...Sophia Hendrik?

Sophia Hendrik is an Onyx Guard Recruit who tags along with your merry band of marauders in Halvo Bay. This is a battle in a hazy point in the Human-Locust war. You can tell that Gears of War lore is not my specialty, but in any event, she is an interesting character, and one of the more fun ones to play. The best part, as you might have presumed, is that she is voiced by Ally Hillis (Lightning from FF13, 13-2, Liara from Mass Effect 1-3, etc.).

While Ally might not be as versatile as Jennifer Hale (I can always tell it's her, because all of her characters sound quite a bit like Liara), I am a big fan. Anyhow, enough of a break, back to the Star Wars freight train next week!

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