Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Painting With Paint: The Many Faces Of Lord Tank-Bot (Kawaii)

Well, gang, in-game, I am more than half way through Lord Tank-Bot's rise to power, and as he is about in his 'end game' level armor, there will not be many more LEGO SWTOR updates regarding him. The Legacy characters will have some time in the spotlight,  but that will be more varied, since I have more of them to work with. So, what I am getting at is the Lord Tank-Bot updates will be slowing down from here.

You're welcome.

In my ongoing experiment with Kawaii, I did decide to take on Lord Tank-Bot pretty early. I feel like I might have given him a better shake had I attempted him after I have learned a bit more, but I was excited. I might revisit him if I feel I can do an appreciably better job. This is in his 'Apprentice Scheme' as I think of it, with the color matched blood red gear, and his beloved Vibro Axe.

Since I was experimenting with Anthro Hoods, a Kawaii staple, I also decided to edit an evil Lord Tank-Bot version. Conceptually, this is how Lord Tank-Bot would have turned out if he hadn't met Vette and been nagged into the Light side of the force.

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