Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Painting With Paint - The Scoundrel Gets Around-rel

So, all of the classes in the Old Republic, as I mentioned in an earlier post, have both 'full on' companion romances and mini-romances or one offs with people you meet in your travels. Most of the classes have one, maybe two, for male and female. The male smuggler class (scoundrel is the advance class choice I used, to make it rhyme!), on the other hand, has a simply unheard of number of these mini romances. Enough, in fact, to make it worthwhile not to bring your 'main' romance character on missions with you!

"Where I come from, the best friends are the ones who'll lie for you. Guess you're a better friend than I thought."
 Beryl Thorne is the first, an only repeating (I think) mini romance. You encounter her first on Taris, and again later in a fleet mission. She's a pretty cool smuggler, and has that scar. What is wrong with me?

"Have you tried the fizzy blue drinks? They're delicious!"
Azalie is a shallow party girl who you meet on Nar Shadaa. If you romance her, she ends up stalking you. But she does have a cool green dress.

"There's a charming crudeness to your romantic gestures I can't help admiring."
Cedonia Teraan is a Corellian noblewoman who helps you get some cool parts for your ship in exchange for an old droid and dueling a dude who wants to kill her brother. She has the same dress I like as Azalie. It fits Cedonia better. It's all leafy and...clingy.

"For your assistance, you'll receive a gift few beings ever enjoy...the pleasure of my company."
Vaverone Zare is a Sith you meet on Tatooine. She is unique (I think) in that she is the only 'open minded' romance option. Yeah, so you have to betray and kill a kind, innocent Jedi who only wanted to help you named Nariel Pridence to get with Vaverone. I felt guilty, that counts for something right? I don't even want to contemplate what the poor smuggler might catch from a Sith...

"You were impressive, Captain. Almost worth getting kidnapped for."
Senator Dodonna. Yeah, so this one caught me by surprise, but she is interested in 'strategizing' in private. So what if she ultimately betrays you. You get yours.

"Are you making an offer? Show me you're a sure thing and we'll talk."
 Alila is a Twilek pirate who plays second fiddle to some White Maw jerk on Hoth. Red girls are boring.

"Some things I don't do...even for the republic."
Marshall Cavarat runs the planet spanning prison on Belsavis. She's pretty cool, but I'm running out of steam on the puns and such. All I've got left is...Fat bottom girls make the prison world go 'round. Yeah, I know, sorry.

Whew! I have been working on these since before I posted the Republic Girls post last week. This was a much more ambitious project than I anticipated.

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