Thursday, April 4, 2013

Solo Gaming WIth Counterfett: Thrsssk The Trandoshan

That's with three "S"s. So, I did get all the way through the 9Qs using dungeon squad in my generic fantasy adventure, but I never did post the last installment. I sort of burned out on that. Creating your own world and characters from scratch on the fly is a lot harder than you'd think. It was a good exercise in imagination, but I want something a little more kick back and easy for my little bit of free gaming time.

So, in my grand tradition of RPG-ing whatever I'm doing in video games, my current Star Wars enthusiasm was bound to come through, right? Right!

Anyway, I am putting together a little adventuring team. Since I don't have the old Star Wars D20 books anymore, and I have not bought Edge of the Empire from FFG yet, I decided to make my life easy and just use Dungeon Squad. It's remarkably simple to do due to how abstract the Dungeon Squad rules are. I just changed the wording on a few things, and we're good to go.

Thrsssk (that's three "S"s if you please) is a Trandoshan. If you don't know what that is, watch Empire Strikes Back; Bossk (a trandoshan) is the Lizard looking guy in the Bounty Hunter scene on the Executor. Yeah, Trandoshans are pretty rad. In any event, Thrsssk I envision as sort of a retired bounty hunter. He's got a good score of Jagganath points (part of the TD religion) but wants to stay in the game to keep from getting complacent. He's tough and a good fighter, but more mellow than most other Trandoshans.

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