Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Tau, And Grumblings Of Tau

Hey All Counterfett here.

Sooooo....I've fairly deliberately not touched on these as a pre-order preview. Partly, this is due to not being happy that GW didn't address my main issue with the Tau line, which is the fact that the Fire Warriors (a pretty important part of the lineup!) have such sloppy sculpting. By sloppy I mean armor plates that 'blend' into the fabric undersuits, armor plates that have fabric ripples on them, clothing seams that turn into armor lines, etc. That the figures themselves are fiddly and hard to put together is completely beside the point. I've built Orks!

That said, there are some new kits coming out for Tau. A new big battle suit is the centerpiece of the new release, but I find difficulty getting excited about it. Maybe once I've seen some rules on it, and what variations can be built I'll be more enthused.

There is also a new bomber. With how much attention flyers are getting, it's likely overdue that the Tau get a spiffy new spaceship. Though judging from the art in the old codex, it could be argues that the Tau tanks might be considered 'gunships' of a sort, something like modern helicopters. Whatever.

I think the biggest part of why I'm not excited about this (which I have been waiting for a while, believe me) has to do with some of my confusion and anxiety over what GW is doing with its recent rash of online changes. Most of these so far have been reiterations of older policies, but some sound new, and I'm still a bit confused over what exactly they are trying to accomplish.

I have a full time job, a family, and a commute. My participation in the hobby has largely been due to internet retailers. Sticking it to them has to be a double edge sword for GW, and I'm rather surprised they don't seem to see it.


WQRobb said...

And of course, no Kroot.

Flyers are all the rage at GW although I'm not sure how much interest there really is for the gaming table.

CounterFett said...

Yeah. With how much the actual players love Kroot, that struck me as a bit odd.

I meant to mention that in the post!

GW is just getting more and more confusing for me. I've been in this game long enough to remember back when they wanted me to buy the stuff.