Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Coolest Star Wars AMV On Youtube?

This video could also be called "Darth Malgus' Greatest Hits." He makes sure those Jedi get theirs!

I love watching music videos on youtube. It's a guilty pleasure to watch well made short videos set to cool music showing cool fights, battles, romances, whatever. I'm an unabashed fanboi of Collegia Titanica and Genoboost's channels, and they are still my favorites. The video above, however, is pretty special.

I've never heard the song before, and I found the video itself at the very bottom of the suggestions list on some other AMV I was watching a few days ago. Just out of curiosity, I watched some of the same director's other videos, and sadly none of them are this good. It's superbly paced and arranged. There are a couple sequences, in fact, where the saber battles seem set to the beat!

I always have to remind myself that the characters walking into the temple at the beginning are not Lord Tank-Bot and Vette, however. Sure looks like them from the back!

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