Sunday, April 7, 2013

Transformers Bot Shots Scourge: Disappointing

Sadly, with how pumped I was over the excellent execution on Shockwave, the first Bot Shot I picked up was Scourge. After removing him from the package, I realized how goofy he looked. I thought "well, shucks, his alt mode looks pretty cool on the back of the package, maybe I'll just keep him like that." I've done that with other transformers, so I'm not above just leaving them as vehicles (Blitzwing's sweet Tank Mode jumps to mind here).

Sadly, he won't stay in has alt mode (a dragon). One of his spring loaded arms overpowers the catch, meaning that it will not stay locked into position, and the second you let got, he pops into robot mode. Bummer.

This may be just a fluke defect in the one I got, but be warned.


Captain Kellen said...

I'm not sold on the bot-shots.

My son recieved some over the holidays and three of the five he plays with don't stay in vehicle mode making them hard to load and shoot.

As mentioned in your article the spring seems to overpower the catch to keep it closed till activated on bumblebee and optimus.

Just thought I would share,


Colbey Hopper said...

The older Bot Shots didn't seem to have this problem of the springs catching as much.