Thursday, April 25, 2013

What Counterfett Actually Got For His Birthday! LEGO Stuff!

Sorted to check it off the shipping manifest. This is after my wife took her cut. Astonishingly, Brickforge only made one error, they gave me one extra piece in a color I didn't order (the staff on the bottom right). I can live with that.
Well, it's no Bossk Keychain, but my Brickforge order came today. Mountains of not-LEGO accessory goodness. KE554 and I pretty much just ordered a few of everything we wanted off of their sale section (plus just a few non-sale items I needed, more on this later...). The item count actually hit three digits this time!

Lord Tank-Bot Approves!
Oh, I suppose it bears mentioning, since I neglected to actually talk about it earlier, that tomorrow is my birthday. I guess the post might have seemed a little random otherwise, but it's topical, I promise.


Tomsche said...

In order not to forget then tomorrow, let me be your first blogfan to wish you a happy birthday!

MIK said...

Great haul! Happy birthday man!

Gotthammer said...

Your birthday can't be tomorrow - my birthday is tomorrow! Though given timezones and late shift your birthday was yesterday and mine is now (I think).

So happy birthday for whatever day it is, was or shall be! :D

CounterFett said...

Mine's April 26. In any event, Happy Birthday back at you!

Gotthammer said...

Thanks! And I hope you have (had) a great day mate :D