Friday, May 17, 2013

Clone Wars Anakin Skywalker

Well, maybe it's weird, but this is the first version of Anakin I've owned (other than Vader, of course, I've had plenty of him!). What can I say, I like the cartoon version of Anakin more than the film portrayal. Because I was so late to the game on this one, I got the version where he is not wearing his trademark Clone Wars era Jedi shoulder armor. Oh well, while I did like that look, this is not a deal breaker. Essentially this is cartoon EP III Skywalker.

He does come with a gimmick, but since it's not attached to his weapon or person, you can take or leave it. It's a disc launcher, with the disc sculpted to look like a twirling lightsaber. Neat idea, but does Anakin throw his lightsaber ever? I mean, I guess he did as Vader that one time in EP VI, but I didn't know it was a hallmark move or something.

Long story short, this is a well sculpted, well painted figure. He has the cloth tunic hem, for some reason, which is nice, but largely unnecessary. The neat thing about the stylized features of the cartoon versions of these characters is that they sculpt very well, meaning the likeness is just about spot on.

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