Thursday, May 16, 2013

Clone Wars Master Plo Koon

When Star Wars D20 second edition came out right after Attack Of The Clones, and Kel Dor became a character race, the first thing I did was roll up a Kel Dor soldier. Because a guy who has to essentially wear a space suit everywhere he goes amuses me. It's the same reason I like playing Quarians.

I don't even remember this character's name, but I have always wanted an action figure recreation of him. The problem being, of course, that every Kel Dor action figure has been Plo Koon in various versions of his Jedi Garb. Well, problem solved! This is Plo in his cold weather gear. You know...from that episode where they go to the cold planet? Right, I don't remember it either. It must have been in season two or something.

But anyway. Plo comes with a cool cold weather outfit, ice crampons for his shoes (which actually make him stand pretty well), a different removable facemask, and a lightsaber. I might give him a sci-fi looking gun to replace the saber, because my old Kel Dor soldier would have no truck with ancient weapons and hokey religions.

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