Thursday, May 30, 2013

Counterfett Needs Your Help Again / Still Dear Readers!

Hey all Counterfett here, with my bi-monthly (hey, it means every other month, pervs!) cry for help. See, several months back, I had a pretty cool thing going, where I had regular features for pretty much every day of the week. Some were more popular than others, but all were reasonably effective, and let me schedule posts well in advance. Even when not scheduled, they were pretty easy to hammer out, because I already had an idea and framework for what fell on each day.

Well, after a while, several of the staple features fell apart (Shep Shepard ended, Mondomino burned out after a bit, Free Wargames Friday never really had a chance). Even now, some of the old standbys like Painting With Paint are beginning to taper off. Seems like only Minifig Monday is holding steady.

So, here's what I need, oh loyal readers. Let me know what I should post about. Seriously. If you don't tell me, I'm liable to make up something on my own, and you just know that's going to be ugly. So, comment away. If I see something I think is a good idea, I'll put it on the rotation. If I have a bunch of suggestions, we'll put it on a poll, or something.

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Mike Howell said...

The things I find the most compelling are the features that have definite end points, specifically the countdowns. I haven't been catching up on blogs lately, so I have missed some interesting stuff (Eva, mecha) but I'll admit that minifigs and pwp are fun but I sort of fuzz out after a while just due to the volume of content.

You're still way up there on the interesting blog list. :-)