Saturday, May 4, 2013

Counterfett's Return To 40k: The Long Grey Road

Hey all, Counterfett here. So, it was bound to happen. I'm very seriously thinking about getting back into 40k. But being me, I want to do it with something I don't have. Like I said, bound to happen, right? Nothing like a new start.

Step 1: Pick a codex. So I took a look at what codices I own, and ruled out expired editions. Scratch Tau, Dark Eldar, Necron, Dark Angels, Chaos Space Marines. Haven't replaced these with the new editions yet. next, I made a list of the qualities I desired from an army book (I get tired of saying Codex, I really do). It went something like this. Go Counterfett numbered list!
  1. Lots of options!
  2. Capable of low model count lists!
  3. Capable of high model count lists!
  4. Friendly to counts as options!
  5. Able to make fluffy lists!
Seriously, these are the things I look for in an army. Ironically, I don't particularly look for the 'strongest' or 'winningest' books out there. I'm not going to use a netlist, so I mostly want something that has lots of things no one has made models for so I can play around with counts as, or the models I already have.

I decided on Grey Knights.

Before everyone yells at me, I picked it because it is the most current book I own (yeah, I haven't bought any 40k stuff for a while), and Coteaz and the Inquisitors allow for some pretty extensive varieties with Inquisitorial Henchmen.

I'm planning on making an Inquisitorial Warband based army, with maybe a tiny bit of Grey Knights stuff thrown in, in as seamless a manner as possible. While it will be all 'Counts As' my entire gaming circle has already signed off on it, because they kind of like my idea, and they all think they can kick my butt if I bring this to a game.

I didn't tell them that I think it is more competitive than it looks due to my affinity for dirty tricks. They'll see...


WQRobb said...

FYI, the new Tau codex is out.

WQRobb said...

Never mind, I see you went with ones you already own.