Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Gaming With LEGO: The Bjorn Identity!

So, I tried out Tiny Solitary Soldier's Gunstorm rules, which I had been meaning to try for a while. Was having so much fun and was so wrapped up in it that I completely forgot to take pictures! So...then I guess I'll tell you more about my impressions of Gunstorm than a gameplay report. Whatever.

Gunstorm is built around an randomly drawn phase chip mechanic. More importantly, it's a solo game! It's for small model count! It's FREE! It has all of the earmarks of being one of my very favorite things on the internet. Fighting is on opposed roles of a d6 + modifiers. This is how I like to see a d6 used, by the way, rather than the GW hallmark of having character stats always be between 1-6, and the die roll be vs. skill rather than opposed. Feels more realistic to me that the enemy has a say in matters.

All in all, this game is a very slick 5 page pdf that you should really check out for yourself. It's designed for use with 15mm figures, but I used it with LEGO minifigs and it worked out just fine.I didn't even adjust the measurements!

I'm planning on taking it for another spin this weekend, and hopefully I will have a better batrep with photos that I can schedule for some time next week. There is also a temporary chart for making your own forces that is its own document. This is planned to be replaced, though I don't see why, as this version is elegant and simple.

Oh, and the picture at top is Bjorn with his new & improved Tomahawk. It's the one from the Lone Ranger sets. I don't like it better than the one from Brick Forge...but I like it a lot, and it fits Bjorn's color scheme a bit better than the silver one.

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