Friday, May 31, 2013

I did threaten to make something myself, you all know that right?

So here's what I've got so far.
  • Monday: Minifig Monday. Well, duh, this is one of my old stand-by's and is going nowhere.
  • Tuesday: Painting With Paint. Skipped it this week due to Manga / Anime overload, but I'll likely keep it where it is.
  • Wednesday: Open, might try to slot Examiner here if nobody comes up with something better.
  • Thursday: Former home of the Continuing Adventures of Shep Shepard, which finished, well, continuing, I guess. I was thinking of making this the home of "Counterfett Does Manga." That way I can shoehorn my Evangelion posts into a regular theme so they don't burn me out or need a new blog of their own. Also, keeping it generic will allow me to expand with other manga or anime I might get into. Should be enough EVA material to keep it going for about half a year, but like I said, we'll see.
  • Friday. Usually this is relegated to Journal, work week update, or Meta stuff like this post. Never really planned it that way, but sort of happens. Would love to have a regular theme fill this gap.
  • Home of the late lamented (not really) Free Wargame Saturday. Also where Bjorn posts tend to fall. If I could be reliable about posting Bjorn Material, this would be where I would put it. If only. I have to call this one open if anyone can think of something.
  • Sunday. I'm really bad about posting on Sunday. Need a purpose to get me motivated. I have to say this one is open too. 
That's how the week looks at this point. Random toy and wargame thoughts usually go as second post of the day, when I have them. It's been stretching it to try and do two a day lately, with how stressful work has been, but I'd like to get back to it.

Here's hoping.

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