Saturday, May 18, 2013

Mantic To Make Mars Attacks? Nice

Ok, I know this has already been reported in a few places, but I got wind of this earlier and finally got a chance to look into it. I'm pretty stoked, and I am not even really a fan of Mars Attacks! I am a fan of Mantic, though, so maybe that's it. It is nice to see them expanding, even though I know it comes at the expense of some other big game companies.

Is your tabletop ready to be invaded?  The Topps Company and Mantic Games have joined forces to bring MARS ATTACKS to life as a miniature-based tabletop war-game!  Combining high quality sculpted figures with fast and fun tactical gameplay, Mantic will deliver an exciting new dimension to the resurgent sci-fi property.
See the full release from Mantic. My experience with Mantic games has been positive. Period. Good products, good value, and no bs from them. I'm really looking forward to this game, which is slated for early 2014.

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