Saturday, May 4, 2013

May The Fourth Wrap Up!

So, with the kids safely tucked away at G-ma's, KE554 and I went to the nearby LEGO store, and to TRU, and Target to look at toys and related Star Wars stuff.

At the LEGO store, they had 501st Legion folks in costume, which tickled KE554 to no end. I took some pics of her with the Sandtrooper and Imperial Officer. I've been around a fair bit of it, and never fail to be impressed by how nice these guys are. The sandtrooper was getting pawed at by kids the whole time I was there, and never once did he kick one for scuffing up what is, without a doubt, a very costly piece of kit.

It was tons of fun, hope you all had a blast. Take care tomorrow on Revenge of the 5th!

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Linda said...

That is one dirty storm trooper :D