Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Mecha Squad: Making A Game From The Pieces Of Something Else

So, about a week ago, I posted that I was trying to decide how I wanted to pick a game system that was sumple to run so that I could play some small scale mecha games. I was planning on running it solo, but the article generated enough interest in the idea that I might end up playing with others. We'll see how that goes.

But more to the point, what system was I going to pick? Well, it came down to two finalists; I decided I was either going to use Mecha Crusade from the trusty d20 Modern, or try and come up with something myself from game systems I had already tried and liked. D20 Modern has the advantage of being easy to pick up and relatively uncomplicated, as well as the fact that many of the gamer sI run with are already fairly competent.

But then, I stopped and thought about it, and when my friends look back on this game, do I want them to remember it as 'another' d20 game, or something different? Well, as that Zima guy used to say, I decided it was time for Zomething different!

That said, I am going to be doing a very simple re-write of Dungeon Squad to be used as a stupid simple mecha game that my friends can learn in one night, and that has elements of character progression possibilities.

So, I guess you'll all have that to look forward to! Stay tuned.

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