Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Movie Review - Evangelion 3.33: You Can (Not) Redo

Also called Q in its theatrical release. This one is a bit of an odd duck. Taking place 14 years after the events of 2.22 (and make sure you watch the very ending of 2.22 after the credits or none of it will make sense!), 3.33 sees the new organization WILLE battling against the monolithic and inscrutable NERV. It's quite a different experience from the previous film, but I'll save that. Furthermore, be warned, after the pros and cons there will be spoilers! So don't read that if it matters to you!

  • EVAs in SPAAAAACE! The opening scene is pretty cool, with Asuka & Mari trying to salvage the hulk of EVA-01 from a drifting tesseract in near earth orbit. Things don't go smooth, and much hilarity is enjoyed.
  • Asuka. I had mentioned that I liked Asuka in the 2.22, but she was not in it long. Well she's back! And with an adorable eyepatch! What's wrong with me?
  • Mindfoolery. People warned me about how much of a mindbender this was going to be, and while it was to some extent, it was not as bad as the Episode 25-26 debacle OR End Of Evangelion. There is some internal logic to what's going on.
  • This is not the Dub you are looking for. I watched it with subtitles, and my friend told me they were from the Chinese edition, but I have the sneaking suspicion that it was an unofficial translation. And not a great one. Please, please, please Funimation get us a Dubbed version with the terrific original voice actors! With a cherry on top. Better yet with Asuka on top!
  • Rei. With how emotionally invested I was in this...nevermind, I'll talk about it in the spoilers section below!
  • Kowaru. Yep, still don't like that dude. He's actually less bothersome than usual, but see earlier Elevator comments from 2.22 review.
  • Bleeding Eyes. Some of the CGI segments (especially aboard the Wunder) are absolutely confusing and move around too much. If you're the type that can get motion sick from video games, you might want to think hard before this one.
Spoilers and Speculation.

The biggest disappointment here was that Rei II (the one that loves Shinji), was not in it. I realize that if she's around, and Shinji's happy and content, there's not much conflict or drama to push him into more soul searching or adventures, but a better explanation than "She's still stuck in the Unit 01" is something I wanted. Fuyutsuki explains to Shinji that 'his' Rei is trapped still, along with Yui Ikari. I, however, have a theory.

  • Everyone (except Rei) lies to Shinji.
  • All Rei clones (in all versions of the story) know they are clones, and that they can be replaced.
  • Rei IX becomes upset when Shinji says she's not the 'real Rei.'
  • Rei IX is shocked when Mari says the 'Original' Rei was nicer.
  • NERV has the technical capability for Brainwashing (per Fuyutsuki in 1.11, when discussing how to convince Shinji to continue piloting 01).
  • Rei IX decides she wants to behave in a manner in accordance with how the 'Real Rei Ayanami' would act.
  • When Asuka meets Rei, she comments that she must be part of the 'old' Ayanami series.
  • NERV and Seele had access to Unit 01 for 14 years before Asuka and Mari recovered him.
My theory? Rei IX is Rei II. Asuka seems to imply that she has encountered previous clones other than IX, and that they don't look like the Rei we know anymore. NERV pulled her out before WILLE found Shinji. Why would they take her and not Shinji? Because Gendo Ikari is nobody's fool. He knows Shinji will never trust him again, so he contrives circumstances where Shinji feels like he has to pilot an EVA to 'fix' everything. Just like he maneuvered Shinji into piloting 01 towards awakening at the end of 2.22!

Am I right? Probably not. But I kind of hope I am, as this would be a great twist, and something to look forward to in 4.44.


Dawfydd said...

If in doubt, just remember that Gendo Ikari is possibly the most callously brilliant scheming bastard in all of anime-dom ;)

CounterFett said...

Yup. He's pretty awesome as a villain. I'm assuming you read the spoiler section; Gendo being so devious is why I think there's more to Rei IX than they are letting on. Otherwise, Gendo just sat there for 14 years hoping something was going to happen?

I think not. He had plans in motion!

Dawfydd said...

Yeah, I liked your theory as it sounds SO like something Gendo would do: Utterly insidious, ludicrously convoluted, reliably designed to fuck with Shinji as much as possible!