Thursday, May 23, 2013

Movie Review: Evangelion You (Are Not) Alone

Hey all, Counterfett here. I finished the NG Evangelion series the other day, and progressed onto the movies (also called Evangelion Rebuild). I didn't realize that these were basically a fairly faithful remake of the original series with the primary changes being for the sake of time, graphics, and clarity. So far I've only watched 1.11, though 2.22 & 3.33 are already out as well.

The Good
  • Faithful. So far so good. When I realized that this was a remake, I had the initial reaction of "WHY! Why not continue the story, the original series was pretty darn good, why remake it?" I was worried they would make big changes, but this has not much come to pass.
  • Abridged. This is the Reader's Digest annotated Evangelion. The events of the first two episodes took place in the first 20 minutes of run time (less than the 22:30 os just the original 1st episode). If you want to get the gist of what's going on without the time investment of a 26 episode series, this might be a good thing.
  • Eventful. As a result of the above, the Angels are coming fast and furious. A lot of what was dropped from the series to make the movies are what I call the 'angst shots.' In other words, the long segments where it shows characters staring at each other dramatically, but nothing moves, are gone. In particular, the elevator scenes have been largely eliminated. Now, I love me some Rei, but she was a repeat offender on this front, with elevator scenes that watched like 3-frame comic strip.
  • Visuals. They updated the animation a bit. I was worried about this, because so much of what I liked was the character design. The changes, however, were mostly limited to the EVAs & angels, so the battle scenes looked better, but the main story is not detracted from.
The Bad
  • Han Shot First! I loved the episode "Rei II." That's the one where Rei and Shinji face the octohedron angel which shoots energy beams. In the episode, Shinji and the angel shoot simultaneously, causing a miss, and Shinji needs to reload, causing Rei to have her 'moment of awesome.' In the movie, things happen...differently. I sort of feel like they robbed Rei of one of her great character moments.
The Other
  • Revelation. Because of the movie's abbreviated time scale, they added dialogue to fill you in faster. Some of this info comes at much earlier points than they did relative to the series. I have already watched the series, as most people watching or reading this review, but it's still weird. I can't decide if I think this is good or bad. It's irrelevant to people who watched the series (and as such are immune to spoilers), but might help people who are only watching the movies stay current on what's going on.


Tomsche said...

You're going to be in for quite a suprise then come 2.22 and especcially 3.33 mate

CounterFett said...

Good. I liked 1.11, but I just watched the series, and there was not much different. And the final two episodes of the series were something of a snoozer for me.

Dawfydd said...

I really like these new films, but the wait between them has been torture.

Dawfydd said...

And if you thought he last two episodes of the series were a snooze-fest, check out Death & Rebirth and The End. Death is more or less a recap of, well, everything, then The End just blows $%^& up in the way that only Eva can...

CounterFett said...

@ Dawfydd: I guesss I've been lucky in dodging the wait thus far, but Now it's going to be a while for 4.44. I watched the last two overnight, and now I am working up reviews.

I haven't been able to find The End. The descriptions of it I've seen seem pretty epic.

Dawfydd said...

I've not seen 3.33 yet. Still waiting for the UK BR/DVD release. It sounds utterly mental though :)

and I know it's the R2 version, but I've rarley seen End cheaper han here (even with damage)

CounterFett said...

I loved 2.22. I should be posting a review tonight.

I watched the Chinese version of 3.33 which has English subtitles. The voice acting makes a BIG difference. I liked it, but after how mind blowing 2.22 was, it's a little disappointing.