Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Painting With Paint: Archangel And Angel Of Death!

Yeah, so sort of a two-fer. I forgot last week, and since these two are related in name (if not in fact), I figured they would be a decent double feature.

First off is my main man Garrus. This one had to be re-worked a couple of times, since I had a hard time getting the 3/4 angle right. KE554 said she thought it looked like his face was pointing farther right than his body suggested. I think it's ok now. I even made it so he's scratching his butt. You know, like Turians do.

My mini reaper. No, the other kind of reaper. I drew this one as a sort of personal icon, but then ended up not really using it. It just doesn't hold up to being decreased for use as an avatar. Still a lot of fun.

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