Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Painting With Paint: Dat Queen

In Star Wars: The Clone Wars, there are a lot of villains. Some off them go on for only a single episode, some of them last for the duration. One of my favorites is Queen Miraj Scintel. Appearing in only two episodes before her untimely death, she was a nuanced and interesting character. The leader of a culture of slavers called the Zygerrians, relatively normal looking mammalians with bat ears, she is undeniably a villain, but a much more sympathetic one than is typically encountered in the Star Wars mythos. Now, due to my new graphical upgrades, I am able to paint much larger images than before with relative success, so please click to enlarge, as in the smaller sizes, it barely looks like I did anything.

"Lars, stop it. Stop it! Mmm, you are the bold one, aren't you?"
Her undoing, in fact is that she falls in love with Anakin Skywalker, even going so far as promising to release his friends (Rex, Ahsoka, & Obi Wan) if he will promise to stay with her. Some imply this is just a ploy on her part to break his will, but watching the episodes, she seems genuine. Ultimately, she is killed by Dooku for refusing to execute Anakin. Sure she tells Dooku it's "all part of her master plan," but you ask me, it's just because she wanted to keep the sky guy all to her selfsies.

"I will need men with your...hmm...talents, to spread our ways across the galaxy."
Miraj manages to be alluring despite having bat ears (not a feature most men find attractive), though much of the credit goes to Rajia Baroudi's superb voice acting. She is well written too, in that most of her dialogue is both menacing and a double entendre. She's a cool antagonist, and only having her for two episodes really makes me rankle when I consider I had to put up with Savage Oppress for what...two seasons? 

"Have I been anything but honest? I have no reason to lie. I am who I am. It is you...you who are the complicated one."
Anyway, that's it for this time. I was planning on doing more of the Kawaii stuff, but felt inspired to do one of these old fashioned paint overs rather than a drawing. Might go back to that for next week. see how I feel then.

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