Sunday, May 12, 2013

Solo Dungeon Bash: Mij The Mandolorian

Hey all, Counterfett here. Decided to take on Solo Dungeon Bash for the first time today. I figured I would do each level as a single post (since there are 10 levels and an 11th 'boss' level), I was going to do the stock fantasy flavor for this, but went to make a minifig of my character to show my equipment progressing, but changed my mind when I saw this Mando laying in the bottom of the box. None of these guys have had much play since the CAtS Noir project some time back, so I figured I could give this little fellow a run.

Mij Telerans. Mandolorian Noob.
He's starting out with stock gear. 1 attack die, 1 defense die, and 17 hit points. I start into level one, and rol for the entry room. I roll a 1. A bacta treatment. Don't need this yet, but I'm sure Mij can use it later. I decide to turn left for no real reason. I roll again and get a 6...credits! I like this game! Next I roll an empty room. This shouldn't be too bad. Finally, I roll a 3. In the game this would be an orc, but I figure the Star Wars-y equivalent of an orc is a battle droid. He rolls his attack die. A 4...miss! I roll my attack die and miss. It goes on like this for a bit, because I suck at rolling. The Droid hits Mij once, but my defense die cancels it. Huzzah! At long last I roll a 6 and the droid goes down in a hail of sparks and blaster bolts.

Mij's new jetpack
My victory against the battle droid marks the end of the last room I can go to on this level, so I spend my treasure point to buy more defense, represented on Mij by a jet pack. Tune in next time to discover what adventures Mij encounters on Level Two!

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