Friday, May 10, 2013

Star Wars, Blogging, Solo Gaming, And Birthday Parties

If you look at the above title, and have to seriously consider what those things have in common, you aren't thinkiong hard enough! That's my weekend.

Recently, I got back into Star Wars. Not too much of a secret, I know, since you all have seen my SWTOR posts. I've always been a big Star Wars fan, but when we cut our cable back in the second season of The Clone Wars cartoon, I just stopped watching it. Well, three more seasons have transpired, so I have quite the backlog!

Also, I've fallen off the radar again as regards the Examiner, so I need to make some progress on that front. I don't get the kind of traffic with Halo articles that I do with 40k or even Mass Effect, but they do pay considerably better due to the Examiner/Google discrepancy. Recouping even a fraction of the cost of this hobby makes KE554 happy, and when she's happy, life is considerably easier. Also, I need to get back to scheduling more of my posts during the week, since this last minute stuff bugs me.

Solo Gaming! I am planning on playing more this weekend. In addition to Dungeon Squad and Gunstorm (both of which should be getting some play this weekend), I have Solo Dungeon Bash newly printed out. Conceptually, it reminds me of a mix between 3:16 and Dungeon Squad. It doesn't require miniatures, but I'll probably build a LEGO minifig for it, because,

Birthday Parties. No, not the fun grown up kind. Both of my kids are going to them for friends, which while giving me some free hours to do all of the above, does add a little extra layer of complexity to said plans.

Wish me luck.

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