Thursday, May 9, 2013

The Dust Changeover: Perceptions Vs Realities

Hey all Counterfett here. I have waited to talk about this until a little more came out about what was going to happen come June when Dust Tactics/Warfare is distributed bby Battlefront rather than Fantasy Flight Games. FFG did have a pretty thorough explanation of the changeover on its site, but this primarily deals with stock on hand and customer service support, something that I have never been overly worried about from FFG anyway.

What really worries me is street price. There, I came out and said it. I like Dust Tactics. I really do. It's one of the few miniature lines I still own official units for. It is the ONLY game I have a complete painted army for. That said, as much as I love it, the reason I got into it was because you could get cool pre assembled, pre primed miniatures at very reasonable rates through discount outlets such as the War Store or Miniature Market.

Now the line is being taken over by Battlefront. While I have sometimes quibbled with FFG over 'Cover Price,' their products have always been more than reasonable in actual shipped cost. I cannot say the same about Battlefront. I did not talk about this much, but a few months ago, I got bit by the WWII bug, and was strongly considering getting into FoW. Why didn't I? Because even through the 'discount' outlets I use, Battlefront has costs to me similar to GW, for miniatures in a smaller scale.

So what does the future hold for stateside Dust play? Nothing to it but to wait and see.

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