Saturday, June 1, 2013

June Is Mecha Month! Mecha Countdown #30!

Hey all, the other day Mike Howell recommended a return to one of those great All Things Fett Traditions: The Countdown! Well, it's been about half a year since I have done one of those (and it was the super short 12 Dyas of Killer Robots to boot!), so I figured, no time like the present. Now you remember the house rules on this feature right? I welcome comments, but be nice. If you don't agree with my choices, go ahead and let me know, or even make you own list. Shoot, I'll even post a link if you tell me about it!

Since I am on such of a Mecha kick, why not do a countdown of my top 30 favorite Mecha? I thought I had already done this theme, but it turns out I was mistaken. See what happened was I included a few 'mecha like objects' in the Tanksgiving countdown a few years back. But this countdown is not that. This is for Mecha! Honest to goodness Anime, sci-fi, wargaming, or manga inspired fighty robots. I'll primarily stick to bipedal, piloted, humanoid mecha, but we'll see where this takes us! Anyway, on with the Show!

#30: Zentraedi Battle Pod.

Armor Technology Provided By Charmin Mega Roll
I know, I know, they have zillions of different names and designations, but to me they'll always be battle pods, the nameless, faceless, swarms of enemy targets that Rick, Max, Roy, Miriya, et al would plow through like they weren't even there. Yup.

That's why they are the bottom slot, honestly. Despite being super iconic, they were really quite worthless in a fight. I'm sure in other permutations of the story they will have been painted as nigh invincible, fearsome, enemy war machines, but honestly, how many of these got vaped into those funny crescent shaped explosions in the first episode alone?


Mike Howell said...

I am looking forward to this. There is such a varied pool to pull from that these should be quite interesting.

Yeah, they certainly were grist for the mill weren't they? A 6+ armor save in an AP 5 world. I had a fleeting memory of a Destroid Tomahawk that gets one-hit by one of these things in M:DYRM, but after going back and watching it again it was a Nousjadeul-Ger suit and not a Regult.

Drathmere said...

Looking forward to seeing the whole list!