Saturday, June 22, 2013

Mecha Countdown #10

Whooooo! Top Ten! Finally on the home stretch for this countdown. This is where we start really getting into the mechs that I think are the absolute coolest. Again, while these are in a rough ranking, I did fudge the order a bit so that I did not have a bunch in a row for the same franchise. Today is a case in point, as there is another that would otherwise have placed right next to it.

#11 Warlord Titan

One of the biggest and baddest war machines in the grim dark future, the Warlord Titan is so big that simply bringing it to a world's surface affects the climate. Carrying a variety of earth shattering weaponry, huge amounts of plate armor, void shields, and controlled by a pilot in a liquid filled sarcophagus with the help of a machine spirit, Titans are, well...titanic.

The warlord, as I said, gets this placement since it is sort of the 'poster child' for the type, and while not my favorite, does have a certain...panache.

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Mike Howell said...

My Warlord titan reference image will always be the cover of the "Final Liberation" computer game box.

BTW, watch all the cut scenes from that game on youtube if you haven't yet. Goooo 90's!