Thursday, June 20, 2013

Mecha Countdown #12

Good evening lovely readers. I decided to break the norm and post this tonight as this morning I decided I wanted to think a bit about what order to put these in. The remainder are not going to be in as strict an order as my countdowns usually are, because several of those left are from the same few franchises, so I am going to post them in a bit of staggered order, rather than ascending coolness, as is my usual way. today: BattleTech!

#12: Black Watch.

From TRO: 3060
The Black Watch was a joint effort of the North Wind Highlanders, Comstar, House Kurita, the Free Rasalhague Republic, and the Royal Black Watch, to make a mech that represented the unity that had defeated the clans. It ended up being, sadly, an unpopular design amongst players because it was so ammo dependent, but it did have devastating short to mid range firepower, granted in the form of an Ultra AC-10 and MRM-40. Some modicum of long range punch was added with the Light Gauss Rifle.

Sadly, this is the best pic there is of the Black Watch, taken from the cover of FM: Comstar. One of the last great books of the FASA era.
Remember way back when we talked about the Tessen being one of my 'signature' rides? Well this was the one before it. In fact, the Com Guard variant which had a C3i unit installed persisted in the unit which held the Tessen. Man can a Light Gauss really reach out and touch someone when a C3i scout is in close!

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