Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Mecha Countdown #13

Good morning folks, Counterfett bringing you the next stop in the road of mecha goodness. Ok, well, let's be honest and admit that I am just running out of stuff to say at the beginning of these things. I only have this little blurb and the logo image at the front to make it so that people with RSS feeds or readers with previews don't get the surprise spoiled for them before coming and reading. Don't remember why that was important to me, really...

#13 - All-Terrain Tactical Enforcer

I kinda wish I could drive one to work.
Yeah, I am going to go ahead and include the AT-TE. It's popular nowadays for everyone to pan on the prequel trilogy. I really liked them at the time. I was going to college in Bakersfield when Episode II came out, and I was going to school full time, AND working as a teaching assistant for a computer class. Additionally, I was pretty heavily addicted to the Lord of the Rings movies. So I hadn't gone and seen Episode II yet. Then Mario! from A Year Of Toys (see I told you all I had known him forever), told me that it had, in his words, a "proto AT-AT," and I went and saw it the next morning.

Yeah, the AT-TE is that awesome.

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