Monday, June 17, 2013

Mecha Countdown #15 Halfway, Yay!

Hey all, Counterfett here. So, like the man said, it's Monday in my part of the world (your mileage may vary), but I'm trying not to let that get me down too much. I finally got the last of my ordered books before the weekend, I am back in the throes of Skyrim addiction (worse still, my wife is too!), and there are great mecha and terrible video games to talk about. That's right, if you know me and my blog at all, you know today is the day for...

#15 T-Riden-T Land Cruiser.

Look at that faux technical promotional drawing. I used to have posters like this for projects my Dad worked on.
I love the T-RIDEN-T Land Cruiser. Not just because it's what Mana Kirishima pilots. I also love that it looks like a Cauldron Born 'mech from BattleTech. In the original Girlfriend Of Steel / Iron Maiden continuity, these were manufactured by one of NERV's competitors to rival the EVA series weapon systems. It didn't work out that well, but it was a good idea nonetheless.

The Cauldron - Born: Seperated at birth?
Eventually, the system broke down due to either the pilots going schizo, or the machines themselves losing it (depends on who you ask, really). But, unlike Jet Alone (the other solely mechanical EVA competitor) it wasn't a nuclear catastrophe when T-RIDEN-T flipped out. And Mana survived. So, there's that at least.


paws4thot said...

I see what you're getting at: I'd suggest that the T-Riden looks like a Cauldron-Born LAM would have looked had there been such a thing.

Of course, that just makes it even more awesome!

CounterFett said...

Ok, now I want to make a Cauldron Born LAM.