Sunday, June 16, 2013

Mecha Countdown # 16

Hey, good morning, Counterfett here. Due to internet issues, I wasn't able to post anything yesterday, so it looks like our Mecha Countdown will run a day over the month mark. No worries, there was nothing that really tied it to the month of June anyway, other than I just happened to start in on the first of the month. Today's installment is an oldie but goody. It's a ground breaker both in anime and war-gaming, though the later tends to go 'uncommented' on.

#16: Soltic Round-Facer / Griffin

I didn't know it at the time, but like a lot of the Battletech 'mechs I grew up with, the old Griffin was largely borrowed from an anime. In this case it was "Fang of the Sun Dougram." While the titular Dougram mech was pretty darn close to a Griffin itself, the Soltic Round Facer was the one that FASA lifted, pretty much whole cloth. Same with the Wolverine, and I think the Scorpion and Goliath.

I never really watched Dougram (never dubbed like Robotech, and pretty much before my time), but I know quite a bit about the Griffin. It was a good medium mech with a PPC (particle projector cannon) and some missiles. The PPC could cause some heat issues, but nothing a savvy pilot couldn't handle. Like all medium mechs, it's biggest failing was that it was never as good at any one thing as some others.


Mike Howell said...

Mechs like this defined the original Battletech look for me (Dougram was the "Shadow Hawk" btw.) The difference between these and the overly angular designs by FASA were very noticeable.

After learning about the anime Dougram I took pains to find a copy of the movie that condenses the TV series story. The result? Boooooooooring.

CounterFett said...

Yeah, that was my impression of the Anime as well. It was supposedly highly rated because of it's drama and realism. I feel like people forgot the reason for mecha in specific and sci-fi in general is because reality is boring.

Nevertheless, it allows me to put mecha I like in the countdown without having about 30% of the entries be BattleTech. There's a bit of Macross too for that reason.