Monday, June 10, 2013

Mecha Countdown #21

Hey all, Counterfett here. I would wish you all are having as good a Monday as I was, but since I stayed home, I doubt very many of you are. Sorry 'bout that. I was planning on taking a half day today, but on my way in, I noticed that the traffic on the freeway was stopped all the way out past my house, and rather than endure that, get in late, have to stay later than I meant to and endure that garbage, I'd just throw in the towel and use a full day. Best decision this week so far. But yeah, MECHA!

#21 Metal Gear Rex

Bet the tank commander needs new Hanes.
I know there were Metal Gear models before Rex. I even acknowledge that there have been MGs in the games after Rex (though they are mostly lame). But for me the term Metal Gear means Rex. It's a giant armored Mecha with a gun that shoots nukes. Aside from that, it's honestly not that formidable. I mean, honestly, the original got taken out by two infantrymen (they were exceptional infantry, Snake and Cyborg Ninja).

Seriously, though, can someone remind me about what was so dangerous about Gears again? It can shoot nukes? Aren't there lots of ways to launch those? Is the mecha way really that much more scary? Anyway, the above image of the Rex is my favorite, as it portrays one in a 'real world' combat situation. Something that most mecha genres ignore as a possibility.

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