Sunday, June 9, 2013

Mecha Countdown #22

Hey all, Counterfett here. Since I am posting so late today, due to, well, seriously goofing off instead, I decided to make this one of my throwaway installments, and post a Mech that I think is great for no other reason than it is my personal hallmark in a game I hold very dear.

#22: Tessen

That it looked like a robot samurai that shot lighting and explosive iNARC pods helped, too.

See, in the long ago days of miniature wargames past, back when FASA held the BattleTech reins, there was ComStar. They were a shadowy organization which controlled insterstellar communications through the complicated and irreplaceable Hyper-Pulse Generator (HPG) Network. They swore no allegiance to any of the 'House' factions which openly vied for control, but worked behind the scenes to bring about the return of the golden age of the Star League. They had funny rank titles (My old screen name from back then was Precentor James), wore white, and were generally a super cool team.

During the 'Clan Invasion' they initially worked with the invaders (I was shellshocked) until the Clans' ultimate agenda became clear, upon which the mighty ComGuard met the armed forces of all of the invading Clans on the Rasalhagian world of Tukayyid. The clans were stopped (and I squee'd and clapped my hands like a little girl at a bunny show).

Anyway, I digress. My regular gaming circle in those days had guys who played all of the houses, as well as most of the 'major' merc groups. I was the only ComStar player, and since nobody else really understood how the ComStar military worked, I was able to get away with a lot of unit composition shenanigans. So, I had hallmark 'mechs that my main pilot would use. The last such before the game changed hands and the ComGuard were...forgotten, I guess, was the Tessen. It sort of filled the role of heavy scout/spotter. It marked the beginning of my 'maturity' as a tabletop gamer, in that I was more interested in playing something thematic than just trying to force a win through more and bigger mechs. The fact that it looked cool helped, too.


Mike Howell said...

I can't say the backstory of Battletech was involved in our playing c. 1987, but it sounds pretty fun for scenario stuff.

And note to self... take my little girls to a bunny show.

Gotthammer said...

Stravag dog! The Jade Falcon will have our revennnnge!!!!

[/clan4lyf] ;p

Mind you ComStar were pretty cool as far as the different factions went, shame the timeline post-Tukayyid went to pot so majorly.