Thursday, June 6, 2013

Mecha Countdown #25

Hey all, Counterfett here again, with another installment of the Mecha Month Countdown. After a goodly foray into cinema, it is time to return to video games, in this instance one of my favorite franchises. In fact, I prefer these games even to the seminal StarCraft series. In part because I never liked the forced "Play each side and try to make a cohesive story" aspect of Blizzard games. See, in Command & Conquer, you picks your sides, and you takes your story. That's right, choices have consquences, people.

#25 Avatar War Mech

To ashes!
The Avatar War Mech was designed by the Brotherhood of Nod after encounters with GDI Titans in the Second Tiberium War. Intrigued in the technology, Nod scientists sought to put the walkers' effectiveness to their own use.

Unique amongst many RTS vehicles, the Avatar was able to upgrade itself via cannibalizing other Nod units. What I would usually do is pick vehicles that were already critically damaged, but there's something to custom building just the parts you want. In this way, it could be upgraded from its stock, one laser configuration to have another laser, a flamethrower, a cloaking field, or detection gear. Mixing and matching in your force was always neat. I liked to sneak a few stealthed avatars into an enemy base (most players neglect detection gear) and let them 'hatch' during an attack, gutting the enemy base as their forces rushed to meet my external attack!

Unfortunately, the Avatar, as cool as it was, is ultimately outmatched in the late-game by the GDI Mammoth (which is cheaper and faster to build) and the Scrin Annihilator, which is just superior in nearly every way. It's still my choice for the coolest unit in that game, however. Long live the Avatar!


Mike Howell said...

That thing is positively demonic looking. C&C was really a fantastic franchise... was this from Generals?

The Blizzard "play every side" model started with Starcraft. Warcraft I and II you could play all the way through as either side and annihilate the other. Ah, memories.

CounterFett said...

This was from Command & Conquer 3Tiberium Wars. The game had a lot going for it, and had some really interesting innovations, but was not well received.

I vaguely remember loving Warcraft II, but those were so long ago I could not remember if they had the 'play every side' thing Blizzard loves so much now.

Mike Howell said...

BTW, forgot to mention... I love that you are using a rich variety of sources on these. It would be so easy to go 100% anime (heck, you could have done top 30 mobile suits) but you've had a well balanced and varied approach.

CounterFett said...

Thanks, I feel like I'm barely scratching the surface because there are so many franchises that won't make it because I forgot them , or never knew of them in the first place.

You might be mad at me about Gundam though. :P