Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Mecha Countdown #26

Hey all, Counterfett here! Hope your midpoint to the workweek is going better than mine! Seriously, if my job were anymore aggravating I'd have to start writing my posts in the Big Angry Brush, instead of just doing my stress relief painting with it. But I digress. Today's mecha entrant comes from cinema, in fact, one of the most celebrated sci-fi franchises of all time. That's right, Star Wars, Baby!

#26 AT-ST

Yeah, the All-Terrain Scout Transport. Affectionately refered to in the olden days as the 'Chicken Walker.' These did make their original debut escorting the AT-ATs on Hoth (at which they did a terrible job, I blame the scout commander for the harpoons and tow cables!), but really only came into their own during the Battle of Endor. Another engagement where they failed miserably.

That being said, they have also appeared in numerous franchise video games, with mixed results. I do approve of the fact that the films did illustrate one of the inherent weaknesses of a mecha type vehicle (tripping), though maybe they overdid it in some places.

So, AT-ST: plus points for appearance, franchise, and 'realism', minus points for losing to Ewoks.


Mike Howell said...

Like most of the original trilogy, the AT-ST stands the test of time. It looks like military hardware. Used military hardware. What went wrong Lucas?

CounterFett said...

The AT-ST and the AT-AT are what make me think big robots/mecha should be grey by default. It's just 'right'

And yeah, I always feel like ILM is better at making models look like the real thing than making CGIO look like models.