Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Mecha Countdown # 27

Hey all, the Mecha Countdown rolls along, er, marches along! Today we'll be staying in video game territory, as that is where so much of my Mecha cred comes from. Well, to be fair, a good share of it is from wargames too, but I did play an awful lot of Mechwarrior back in the day. One of the best things about video game mecha, in fact, is that it allows exporation of different themes or settings in great detail, without the expense or time investment of traditional wargame hobbies. Which is why things like today's installment exist.

#27 Vertical Tank.

The VT, or vertical tank, from Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor is something like a cross of an M3 Lee and an AT-ST. Neither of those are bad things, so it manages to come out looking pretty cool. In addition, because this game is from the 'first person' perspective of the Tank Commander, the interior and controls are a lot more fleshed out for the VT than most other mecha, video game or otherwise. They look cool, but suffer from one major downer factor.


Seriously, after featuring them here, I feel a public service announcement is in order, do not buy, rent, trade, or offer any other compensatory arrangement for this game. It got a 0.5 out of 5 from GR. That's the lowest score they've ever given. Lower than Kane & Lynch 2. This is the worst rated game ever. And unlike some poorly rated games, this one deserves it. It doesn't work right. To reiterate, do not buy it.

So, VTs, plus points for being cool looking and part of a good franchise, minus points for being in the worst video game. Ever.

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