Sunday, June 2, 2013

Mecha Countdown #29

Ok, let me just say something up front. I hate the beginning of these countdowns. Because, like everyone else, I want to talk about the coolest Mechs. Not the ones that barely made the list because I had to have a certain number to make the day count. But in any event, there's nothing to it, I guess. Today's installment, in addition to being a mech, is our first transforming Mecha. The idea of a robot that changes into something else is almost as old as the idea of piloted walkers. Military aircraft are the usual suspects, and today's entry is no different.

#29 Terran Viking.

The rough and tough Viking. Making its debut in Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty, the Viking is an air to air fighter that can transform into an anti infantry mechanized unit. Sounds like a pretty sweet deal in theory, like it should be able to replace both the Goliath walker and Wraith fighter. In practice, however, the Viking serves neither role as well as the dedicated unit, and cannot do both at the same time, requiring a brief transformation phase between modes.

When I say brief, I mean painfully, agonizingly, maddeningly slow transformation. Because it's doing nothing but transform, while every enemy in sight is pumping it full of lead. So, the Viking makes the list and gets plus points for mobility and versatility, minus points for vulnerability and efficiency.

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