Friday, June 28, 2013

Mecha Countdown #4: You All Knew It Was Coming Edition.

Well, let's just get it out of the way and say that you all knew an EVA was going to be in the countdown. I know some people expected it to place even higher than this. You might be surprised to know that I had actually agonized over whether to include it at all. Seriously. It almost doesn't qualify as a mecha in my mind. But then I looked a little more closely at my entry criteria, from back at the very first post, where I said this: "I'll primarily stick to bipedal, piloted, humanoid mecha, but we'll see where this takes us!" So, it is those three things.

#4 Evangelion

EVA 00 - Pilot Ayanami Rei
Yeah, so the EVA isn't a robot or machine, but rather a cybernetic giant that is a biological facsimile of the Angel Lilith (or Adam, depending on which series and which EVA you are discussing). It is then implanted with a human mind, and piloted by a teenager through the magic of Anime! Covered in armor, and capable or generating an AT (absolute terror) field, the EVA is the most advanced weapon of war ever developed by humankind.

EVA 01 - Pilot Ikari Shinji
There are lots of mysteries around the EVAs; what they really are, and what the ultimate purpose the makers and users intended for them. THe primary source of this confusion is that the writers themselves are not terribly consistent about what they reveal about the EVAs, and have in fact said diametrically opposed things even within the same movie. So, take any assumptions about EVAs with a grain of salt, I guess.

Unit 02 - Pilot Soryu Asuka Langley
I had a hard time selecting images for this one, since, unlike many BattleTech mechs (which I am used to), there is an overwhelming amount of Evangelion imagery. Lots of it NSFW!

More of the Premium Girl, because Rei is at LEAST 100% better than Asuka. This one is from Girlfriend of Steel, and I never did figure out exactly what's happening in this scene. What is she hoping to catch with an EVA sized fishing pole?


Tomsche said...

Hey Fett,

Really loved this series as a bit of an anime mecha fan myself. Might I recommend some series for you to watch since your 'into' the thingies as well? Or perhaps take a google-fu if you like to have an impression first?

Giant Robot Grendizer (often known as Goldorak as well): about the first anime ever to be released in Europe. If your into classics, this is a good thing to watch.

Code Geass: VERY strong storyline, highly recommended

Gurren Lagann: comical twist, but a very good series none the less

Broken Blade: perhaps the best mecha series to be released the past 3-4 years, pity it's only a mini-series

Gundam Unicorn: still waiting for the latest OVA's to be released, this one is going to make you crave for the classic series to watch as well



CounterFett said...

Those all sound good, I think I'm going to have a look. I was really bummed by not liking Appleseed, which came so highly recommended, but I think I've been fortified enough to try again. Probably start looking tonight, since I need to get regularly scheduled again, and I have a "Manga/Anime" feature to keep fed.

Thanks for the recommendations!